Horace W. Porter School

After School Clubs: Session 4

 After School Clubs: Session 4 

Session 4 runs from  Monday, March 26 - Thursday May 31  (no clubs on Friday).  Registration for session 4 is due by Wednesday, March 21st - First come, first serve basis (If it is a popular club, preference will be given to those who haven't had a chance yet).

Mrs. Bacon is the After School Club Coordinator and can be reached at kbacon@hwporter.org.

*There is no Disney Club this session, it will return first session next year!


Creative Corner Art 2   grades 3-5, Instructor: Mrs. Kuehnel                                              
Join local artist Judy Kuehnel in creating a series of art projects from painting to crafts.  Each project will be something different and exciting!

Robots and Coding  Grades 1-2, Instructor: Mrs. Dingler *FULL: CLOSED        This club is for students who are interested in learning about robotics by working in small groups to program the robots Dash and Dot to meet a variety of goals.  Students will use coding and work together to solve problems and help their group's robots play music, move through mazes, and accomplish designated tasks, all while having fun!


Fun with Science and Nature  Grades 1-3, Instructor: Mrs. Bacon                                                                                 Each week students will take part in a fun science and nature activity.  It could be a kitchen chemistry experiment, or a STEM activity, or looking in a microscope.  Students will meet a different animal each week as well.  The second part of this session will be a unit on Pond Life and Insects including some walks to the stream in the woods behind the school! (*Students who have never attended session 4 Science will be placed first to give everyone a chance to learn about pond life.)

Clay Club, Grades 3-6, Instructor: Ms. Lyon                                                                               
If you have a hands on kind of kid in your midst you will want to try out our Clay Club! This course will introduce your child to basic vocabulary regarding ceramics. We will be making pinch pots/coil pots depending on your child’s preference. They will also have an opportunity to make a creation of their own. The possibilities are endless! Our students will learn about the tools of the trade such as potter’s needles, fettling knives, loop, wire and ribbon tools, as well as wooden modeling tools and sponges. We will also discuss different glazes and how heat from the kiln effects both the glaze and the clay. This is an opportunity for your child’s creativity to shine!  

Jewelry Club, grades 4-7, Instructor: Mrs. Barros                                                                                                             Do you enjoy designing and making bracelets, earrings and more?  Join Mrs. Barros is making jewelry.  All tools and materials are provided for you to make beautiful things for gifts or for yourself.

Magic, The Gathering Club, grades 4-8, Instructor: Mr. Donlon                                     
Have you ever played Magic, the Gathering?  It’s a fun card game that has quite a following.  Come, bring your deck and play with your friends; or come learn how to play if you’ve never played before!  (*starter decks will be supplied to new members who don’t yet have any cards.)      


Pep Squad, Grades 1-2, Instructor: Mrs. Marks  *FULL: CLOSED                                                                 
Have fun learning the basics of cheerleading with Mrs. Marks.  Bring comfortable clothes for tumbling and sneakers and learn some cheers!

Rocket Club, grades 4-6, Instructor: Mrs. Bacon                                                                                                      
Blast off! 
In this club we will make rockets!  We will start with air powered rockets, try some homemade rocket ideas and then build model rockets from kits that we can set off out on the hill.         

CPR Club, grades 6-8, Instructor: Ms. Sears                                                                                                                   Are you interested in being CPR certified?  This is a great idea especially if you are a babysitter!  Join Ms. Sears to learn how to save a life.  There will be a cost of $12 to this club to help cover the cost of the certification, but then you will be officially CPR certified.  *This club will begin on April 4.                  


Lego Club   Grades K-3, Instructor: Mrs. Hall *FULL:   CLOSED                                                                                                                     
In this club, students will brainstorm ideas of what to build and the group will vote for one project each week.  Students may build with partners, in small groups, or independently!  Once the final project is constructed, a photo is taken to bring home the following week!  Each building session ends with a fun weekly challenge.  "Let's get building!"  (*Students who have never attended lego club will be placed first to give everyone a chance to enjoy the fun.)

Kids in the Kitchen, grades 4-6, Instructor: Ms. Lyon   *FULL: CLOSED                                                                          This club offers kids the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their kitchen surroundings. They will learn to use simple kitchen utensils with confidence. The students will also practice reading a recipe and measuring out ingredients accurately and independently within small groups.

Another important component will be kitchen safety. We will be using the stove, waffle iron, potato peelers and knives (with supervision of course). And we will also discuss and practice simple first aid for kitchen mishaps. We will be making our own Lil’ Kid Calzones as well as a S’mores Pizza dessert!  This course will offer a fun and safe learning environment for your child to build confidence and feel pride while creating tasty dishes in their new domain.                                                         

Creative Corner Art I   grades K-3, Instructor: Mrs. Rowe *FULL: CLOSED                                                                  Come each week and make a fun and creative art/craft project with Mrs. Rowe.  Each project will be something different and exciting!

Game Club, Grades 1-3 , Instructor: Mrs. Dingler  *UPDATED                                                                                     Come join us for some fun playing board games and card games.  We have a variety of games available to play, or you can bring your own!