Horace W. Porter

Speech & Language Department

Speech and Language Services

Speech and Language support is provided as a Special Education service for students who demonstrate significant weaknesses in their communication skills thus impacting their ability to access  grade level curriculum and demonstrate knowledge/comprehension of concepts.

These skills include:  speech sound production, language comprehension, verbal language production, speech fluency, auditory processing, vocabulary development and phonemic awareness skills.

Remedial speech services are also provided on an informal basis for students with selected speech sound and developmental grammar errors.

Speech Pathologists work closely with special education and regular education teachers to ensure successful learning for all students.

Speech/Language services are provided in individual and small group format both in and out of the classroom.  Support for specific academic skills are often incorporated into a speech and language program. 

We are very fortunate to work with wonderful students, a supportive administration and very talented teaching staff.
Donna Cawley retired at the end of last year.

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions/concerns.

Lea Finnie,MA.,CCC- SLP, works with students in grades 2 through 8. Please feel free to contact me at 860-228-0585 x142; lfinnie@hwporter.org.
Meredith Eberhard, MA, CCC-SLP, works with students in grades PreK through 1.  Please feel free to contact me at 860-228-0585 x124; meberhard@hwporter.org

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