Horace W. Porter

Who are the NJAHS?

The Porter NJAHS are a group of students from 7th and 8th grade who exemplify strong leadership and artistic skills, combined with an A average in visual art class, and a B average in core classes. These students were selected based on these academic criteria. The students wrote a persuasive essay on how the visual arts can build community in the school setting, and what types of activities the NJAHS could do to serve the community. Each student also submitted a portfolio of artwork for consideration.

The 2016-2017 Horace W. Porter School NJAHS members are:

7th grade

Lilly Dudek
Alexia Fenteany
Analise Colvin
Myra Morgan

8th grade

Genevieve Poggie
Katie Burns
Thomas Boardman
Hughie Mackenzie
Brandon Jones
Lucas Jones
Baelen Kaufmann
Madi Lemire
Elizabeth Wolfe
Claire Charbonneau
Beth Tangarone
Peter Swenson
Jacob Tigielero