Playground Mentor Program

The mentoring will occur during the younger students’ recess times, which aligns with the SRBI periods for the older students.  The mentoring schedules for the older students will be individually created so the mentors will miss a minimal amount of instructional or support time.   In the past, students have mentored between 8-16 times during the school year. 

The expectations of the mentors are to be role-models, organize and play games, involve younger students in the games, and assist the students in solving common playground problems. Students who are selected to be mentors will participate in two or three training sessions during their lunch period (dates to be determined) to learn the expectations of the program.  Students who have participated as a playground mentor in the past will meet once during lunch to review the expectations of the program.  All training will be provided by Cheri Rivard-Lentz from AHM Youth & Family Services.  She will also accompany mentors on the playground until they feel comfortable in their roles.  Staff who are assigned playground duty can also answer questions and assist the mentors throughout their mentoring experience. 

If your child is interested in being a mentor, please have them complete the ‘Playground Mentor Application’ that can be found on the AHM page of this website and return it to the office.  If you have any questions, please contact Cheri Rivard-Lentz at 860-228-9493 x119 or email at