Mrs. Shive's projects Funded get Funded with #BestSchoolDay!

Mrs. Shive had 2 projects on-line that were about to expire (projects can list for 4 months only) and through this #BestSchoolDay funding she got her "Chalk It Up for Still Life Drawings!" and "Creative Clay Bird Baths!" funded! Be sure to check out Mrs. Shive's new projects at to see the AMAZING things we are working on getting for the Art Room or if you are interested in supporting your child's art room! Every dollar helps! For the first 7 days a project is listed, every dollar you give is doubled when you write the code.  This is a great experience for the children to work with incredible materials and give back to their donors with photos and heart felt thank you packages that we create for our donors. As always, thank you for continued support in the Art Room!