8th grade End of the Year Information

Attention 8th Grade Students and 8th Grade Parents - Upcoming Field Trip and Graduation Information:
We are asking students to "Dress to Impress" - khaki pants and collared shirt for boys, and girls are asked to cover their shoulders if wearing a dress to the event.  HWP dress code will still apply.

The bus is scheduled to return to the school at 8:30pm on Friday night.  Students may bring a cell phone and are given permission to use their phone to call parents about 10 to 15 minutes before we return to school to allow necessary time for pick up.

Class Picnic to Holiday Hill - June 7, 2016
All students should pack comfortable shoes, sun screen, hat, towel, a bathing suit, and an extra t-shirt.  Parents are asked to help their student pack modest and appropriate bathing suits for swimming.  If, at any time the staff feel that a bathing suit is inappropriate for the event, the student will be asked to cover up and swim with a t-shirt.

Graduation - June 9, 2016
The ceremony will take place at E.O Smith High School in the Auditorium with the awarding of diplomas and a full ceremony at 4:00pm.  Students are expected to remain in school until 1:15pm on the day of graduation.  Graduating students should not wear: blue jeans, sneakers, or shorts under their gowns.  Students should be at the high school by 3:30pm.  No tickets are required to attend the ceremony.  There is no assigned seating for the graduate’s family and friends.  The ceremony usually lasts between an hour to an hour and a half to complete.

If you have any questions regarding these events, please contact Corey Polakowski, 8th Grade Advisor at           (860) 288-9493 extension 120 or by e-mail cpolakowski@hwporter.org