Change to the 2017-2018 Calendar and Delayed Openings

9 February, 2018

Dear Parents,

This winter has been difficult to deal with. The storms we have experienced have not been particularly major but their timing has been problematic. Plus, we experienced the 3-day shutdown October 30 – November 1 due to the power outage. As a result, we have used all of our 5 “built-in” snow days plus 3. Our last day of school is now projected to be Thursday, June 21st. I am hoping that we can avoid going into the week of June 25th to make up any additional days. I proposed, and the Board and staff agreed, to make March 9th, (which is currently a “no school day” for students and a Professional Development Day for staff), an EARLY DISMISSAL DAY for students. Students will be dismissed at 12:30 pm. Professional Development activities will take place in the afternoon. This will enable us to have a 2-day cushion for any additional storms and will move the last day of school to Wednesday, June 20th. In addition, all school districts including Columbia that feed into E.O. Smith will adopt a 2-hour delayed opening beginning Wednesday, February 21st for weather related delays. Currently Bolton and Windham Technical School operate on a 2-hour delay. Our Before School Care program will still be available beginning at 9:30 a.m.

This change will give additional time for road crews to plow and treat our roads and may help us avoid having to make a school cancellation call. Of course, student and staff safety will still be the criteria in making any decision.

To summarize:

  • March 9th will be an early dismissal school day for students. Porter will dismiss at 12:30 pm
  • Beginning February 21, Columbia, Region 19, Bolton & Windham Tech will follow a 2- hour delayed opening
  • Before School Care will still be available on delayed opening days beginning at 9:30 am
  • The projected last day of school is now Wednesday, June 20th
  • Any additional snow days will come from the remaining days in June as per our current calendar
  • There are no plans to change the February or April breaks at this time

This information has been shared with our high schools and will also be posted on our website:

Thank you,

Lol Fearon, Superintendent