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Tuesday, October 6th, 2015
Please follow the link to a power point presentation on the results of the SBAC Tests that were administered last spring. This power point was presented on October 5th at the Board of Education meeting. The slides cover some background information on SBAC, the reporting of scores and both our results and those of schools that share our high schools.

You will have received your child’s individual SBAC report in the mail. The parent summary contains a breakdown of the scores in both English Language Arts and Mathematics. Included in the cover letter is a link to the parent resources site at the CT Department of Education. I would encourage you to follow that link and take advantage of the information there. Your child’s teacher is a great resource should you have any questions.

It is important to see the SBAC results as a single measure of your child’s progress. SBAC is the test that CT has chosen to administer to all students in grades 3-8 so it is the standard measure for each district. I still have concerns about the development, reliability, validity of the tests and how the score cut-offs were set. I am hoping that the discussions currently underway about the use of SBAC as a measure of student growth and as indicator of teacher competency continue. I will continue to raise my concerns.

I believe that the relationship that your child’s teacher has formed with your child, the periodic assessments that we give as a part of our instructional programs and the day-to-day experiences that all of our students have here at Porter are more indicative of success.

In addition to your child’s teacher, the following administrators are invaluable resources should you have questions:

Alyssa Gwinnell, Principal –
Kenyon, Assistant Principal & Data Coordinator –
Kate Farley, Director of Student Services –

Thank you,
Lol Fearon, Superintendent

Friday, August 28th, 2015

The SBAC results for all districts were released this afternoon at a press conference at SDE. A link to the results is below. If you follow the link and then scroll down the SDE page there is an additional link to the actual results. SDE released the results to district Superintendents late last week but embargoed their release to teachers, Board members and the public. We have done a cursory review of our scores to get an overall sense of how our students did by grade level. In most cases our scores exceeded the state averages for those students who met or exceeded the achievement level.

School administrators will now begin a more in-depth review together with the teachers. I will work with the administrative team to prepare a report for the BOE scheduled for their October meeting.

As we review our assessment results we will continue to focus on how we can recapture and maximize instructional time, improve our program offerings and how we can strengthen what I believe to be a child-centered experience here at Porter. While we recognize the value of student assessments, our successes go beyond a single test score.

The results will have value to us if we can use them to make decisions about adjusting our instruction to meet individual student needs. That will be our focus. SBAC is one piece of the assessment process and given the timing of the release of the results their value may lie more in this first year being a baseline year so that we can track growth over time.

No doubt there will be a great deal of activity as communities/districts compare themselves to their neighbors. It’s understandable. In fact, the format of the release of the results make those comparisons easy to do.

I urge you to stay informed, make strong connections with your child’s teacher and look for updates on the website.

Thank you for all that you do.

Lol Fearon, Superintendent

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