Horace W. Porter



       7th Annual Invention Convention Information

The event takes place on Wednesday, March 29th 3:00-5:30 PM in the "E" Wing H.W.P Middle School.
Three inventors will be selected to represent H.W.Porter School at the Regional competition at Goodwin College in East Hartford, CT on Sunday, April 9th.
If any Porter inventors place at this event, they will go on to the CIC at UCONN on April 29th!

Meetings Have Started in the Enrichment Room #602!!!!!!!

All interested students have received folders containing everything that is  needed for inventing.


#1. February 2nd Thursday:  Information about the program,
#2. February 7th Tuesday:  "Idea Worksheet" & Permission Slip are due.
#3. February 15th Wednesday: Review pages 3, 4 & 5 in your Log Book. Fill them in if you can.
#4. February 22nd Wednesday: Idea is ready! Complete Log Book pages 1-5.
#5. March 2nd Thursday: You have been WORKING on your PROJECT!!! Review page 6-Naming.
#6. March 15th Wednesday: KEEP WORKING! Review page 7-Display Boards.
#7. March 21st Tuesday: LAST WEEKEND to WORK! See page 8-Judges Questions.
#8 March 24th Friday: OUR LAST MEETING! Wrap up, questions, information.

          *****March 27th, Monday: INVENTIONS ARE DUE IN 602!!!!!*****

             March 29th Wednesday- SET UP  2:30 PM in "E" Wing Hallway

                     Judging takes place from 3:30-4:30
                   Inventors must stay with their inventions            

                    Winners will be announced at 5:00 PM


                        The 2016-6th Annual Invention Convention Results

                      Grade 4-Collin Grimshaw "Flex-A-Rack"
                      Grade5-Abbie O'Brien "Finger Pretzel"
                      Grade 7-Caroline Thorn "The Speedy Seed Sower"

                   These students will represent H.W.Porter at the CIC.

The following students participated in Porter's Invention Convention held on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 in the cafe.

Grade 4: Spencer Rowlands, JJ Hay, Patrick Garvey, Sam DeJesus, Isaiah DeJesus, John Lane, Collin Grimshaw, Liana Hughes, Allison Williams, Mia Savino, Delaney Bullard, Riley DeForest, Owen Bowles, Jenna Boardman and Anna Reagan.

Grade 5:  Lauren Weaver, Sebby Gorgone, Jack Dooley, Brianna Peck, Angelika Kingo, Austyn Morin and Abbie O'Brien.

Grade 6: Alexia Fenteany

Grade 7: Caroline Thorn and Lindsay Hartling.

Grade 8: Daena Parmenter

An absolutely wonderful job done by all!  See you next year!  THANK YOU!