Horace W. Porter



                 7th Annual Invention Convention 2017 

The event took place on Wednesday, March 29th 3:00-5:30 PM in the "E" Wing H.W.P Middle School.
Three inventors were selected from a group of 26 students.
They were:

                 Mia Savino  Grade 5 "Safety Doggie Door"

                 Alexis Buskey Grade 5 "The Food Cone"

                 Riley DeForest Grade 5 "Shower Q"

They went on to represent H.W.Porter School at the Regional competition at Goodwin College in East Hartford, CT on Sunday, April 9th.

Mia and Alexis made it to the competition at the CIC at UCONN on April 29th!

Student Inventors 2016-2017:

                                             Grade 4

Kendal O'Hear  Jill Dingler    Erin Black    Mila Covino   Sam Magao

Jenna Lewis    Hayley Lemieux   Addie Kenney   Madison Schenk

                                             Grade 5

Spencer Rowlands  Amara DelMastro  Mia Savino  Aiden Sherman

Heather Boisvert  Alexis Buskey  Morgan Bonaiuto  Jackson Piro

Vanessa Perry  Anna Reagan  Riley DeForest

                                           Grade 6

Yvonne Barros  Elle Gaucher  Jack Dooley  Maddy Ross

Austin Crim   Lori Ann Bacon

                          GREAT JOB to ALL Participants!