Horace W. Porter


Enrichment News and Notices

What We Accomplished Last Year!
4th grade Enrichment students: Jenna Boardman, Isaac Swenson,  Mia Pedersen & Anna Reagan. Students, Jenna , Isaac, and Mia completed "The Amazing United States of America", an informational coloring book submitted to Scholastic News-Kids Are Authors book competition.  The group, with new member Anna, are working on a "Welcome to Porter" video to be placed on the Porter web site for new students and their families.
5th grade group : Jack Dooley, Lauren Weaver, Ryan Orzolek, Elle Gaucher, Zach Shepard, Luke Rulchalski, Payton Lussen & Abbie O'Brien worked on evaluating and creating board games. All completed an original game and had them "kid tested".
Grade 6 students: Katie Gamache, Jack Riquier, Camden Shea, Nick Haddad, Alexia Fenteany, Jordan Narotsky & Bryn Pedersen, completed their unit on Geography and met the requirements for their first year of competition in the WordMasters Challenge Program. Students are now working on "Individual Interest Based Learning" which is an investigation on a topic that they would like to learn more about and produce an end product to convey their research findings.
Grade 7 students: Brenna Crooks, Brieanna Toedt,Taylor Goleimbewski, Allie Bawabe, Katie Burns, Caroline Thorn, Thomas Boardman, Austin Turkis & Claire Charbonneau.  The group focused on the five fields of science, learning about what a career in science would be like. They learned about The Nobel Prize and its connection with their science study. Students chose a "Scientist to Become" and are researching that scientist's life.  They will present their findings through a video presentation speaking as that scientist. The video will be viewed by all students in grades 6-8. In between researching, 7th graders did fun hands-on science experiments. Thank goodness the enrichment room now has a SINK! Seventh graders have also completed their final requirements for their participation in The WordMasters Challenge Program.   Students were also responsible for Current Events Discussion. This was done twice per month. 
Grade 8 students: Emma Starkel, Alexis Dudek, Grace Carver, Allie Escott, Autumn Skowrenski, Rachel Hughes, Danielle Earnest, Julia Gamache, Grace Tuohy, Adam Rulchalski & Aidan Holland, formed three teams and participated in the Future Problem Solving Program.  This is an international program that promotes critical thinking skills through a futuristic scenario. The team of Allison Escott, Grace Tuhoy, Adam Rulchalski & Rachel Hughes, qualified for The State of CT FPSP competition!!!!! 

8th graders created beautiful "Thank You Veterans" posters for the Veterans Day Assembly. The posters were later donated to The American Legion and The VFW.
As a farewell to Porter School, the group produced 5 original storybooks, professionally published by Student Treasures-Scholastic Books to be donated to the H.W.Porter School Library.The group continued with current event discussions and class warm ups as well.  

                           Plans for 2016-17

Grade 8 students will be responsible for organizing the whole school Presidential Election.  The group will be learning about past presidents and the history of voting. 8th grade will also be creating a tribute to veterans for the school's Veterans Day Celebration. They will also produce hard copy, original storybook, to be donated to the H.W.P. Media Center.

Grade 7 students will first finish their "Interest-Based Learning" projects, started at the end of last year. Next they will move on to "Forensic Science/Mystery Investigations". This is a lengthy, but FUN unit of study!

Grade 6 students want to learn about science. We will be learning about all of the fields of science and focus on hands-on-experiments.

Grade 5 students are producing their own "Welcome to Porter" video.
It will be a virtual walk through of our amazing property of Porter people and places. It has been a real work in progress. We are eager to see it finished!

Grade 4 students will be reading "Island of the Blue Dolphins" and extending their focus with a study on ocean life. The group will also learn and read more "classic" books during this unit. Their 2nd unit will be "engineering", learning about structures and architectural building.

*****************The 7th Annual Invention Convention will take place in April!  All students in grades 4-8 are invited to participate!!!!!!***************

                   More information will be posted in December!