Horace W. Porter

Book Check Out

              Students will begin checking books out during their second library class, the first visit to the library will be spent going over rules, emergency procedures, and information on how to use the library. (Some classes may be able to check out books on their first day in library class if time allows.) I may be changing the check out period and number of books, but will send out a letter when and if that will happen.

                                      Book Check Out by Grade

Grade                                        Check-out Period                            Number of Books

PreSchool                                       1 week                                                  1 book

Kindergarten                                  1 week                                                  1 book

Grade 1                                           1 week                                                  1 book

Grade 2                                           1 week 
                                                 2 books

Grade 3 - 8                                      2 weeks                                                3 books

Students in grades Preschool - Grade 4 have a regular-scheduled library class. If they forget to return their library book on library day they may place a book on hold and bring their library book in the next day.
                       Don't forget to bring in your books when they are due!