Horace W. Porter


     Believe it or not we are gearing up for our spring book fair. The weather has been so mild it feels as if spring is already here, or just around the corner. Can't believe we still have 2 more months of winter. And the spring book fair is still three and a half months away. The fall 2016 book fair was a great success. With the money we raised we were able to purchase many books for several classrooms and also purchase books for the school library.

     Just a reminder, it might be a good idea to put school library books in a plastic bag before going into your child's backpack. There is a lot of sand coming in with returned library books, and if we get snow the wet boots will drip onto the books.

     Students in grades PreK - Grade 4 have library once a week on the same day. I have been noticing that many students are forgetting to return their books on their library day. One class, 50% or 9 out of 18 students forgot to bring their library books into school on the due date. Please help your child to remember to bring in their books when they are due. Most students will choose a new book and put it on hold behind the circulation desk until they return their book(s.)       

  Thank you.            

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