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     I hope everyone has a great summer. Don't forget reading is still important over the summer! Saxton library has summer reading programs for all ages; check them out. I have included a list of suggested titles; there is a range of reading levels for each grade.

Summer Reading for Students entering Kindergarten Fall 2017


A Chicken Followed Me Home                                                          Robin Page

 All For a Dime                                                                                    Will Hillenbrand

 Bear’s Year                                                                                        Kathy Duval

 Big Bear, Little Chair                                                                          Lizi Boyd

 Calling All Cows                                                                                 Sue Fliess

 Duck and Goose Go the the Beach                                                   Tad Hills

 Hedgehugs and the Hattiepillar                                                         Steve Wilson

 Hide and Seek Harry                                                                         Kenny Harrison

 If Animals Kissed Goodnight                                                             Ann Whitford Paul

 It’s An Orange Aardvark                                                                    Michael Hall

 Last Stop on Market Street                                                               Matt de la Pena

 Leap, Frog, Leap                                                                              Douglas Florian

 Little Cub                                                                                           Olivier Dunrea

 Mama, Why?                                                                                    Karma Wilson

 Me & Annie McPhee                                                                        Olivier Dunrea

Mommy’s Little Star                                                                         Janet Bingham

 Nest                                                                                                  Joyce Hurley

 Noisy Frog                                                                                        John Himmelman

 One Big Pair of Underwear                                                               Laura Gehl

 Polar Bear’s Underwear                                                                   Tupera Tupera

 Rain Fish                                                                                          Lois Ehlert

 Red Hat                                                                                             Lita Judge

 Sunrise, Moonrise                                                                             Betsy Thompson

 Vincent Paints His House                                                                 Tedd Arnold

 Waiting                                                                                              Kevin Henkes

 Watch Me Throw the Ball                                                                  Mo Willems

 Water Can Be                                                                                    Laura Purdis

 What Does the Bee See?                                                                 Soo-hyeon Kim



Summer Reading List for Students entering Grade 1 Fall 2017


1 Cookie, 2 Chairs, 3 Pears                                                     Jane Brockett

A Chicken Followed Me Home                                                Robin Page

A Pig, a Fox and a Box                                                            Jonathan Fenske

All for a Dime                                                                           Will Hillenbrand

Ambush of Tigers                                                                    Betsy Rosenthal

Baby Giraffes                                                                           Megan Borgert-Spaniol

Bear Ate Your Sandwich                                                         Julia Sarcone-Roach

Best Caretakers                                                                       Eun-gyeong Gahng

Brownilocks and the Three Bowls of Cornflakes                     Enid Richemont

Can One Balloon Make an Elephant Fly?                                Dan Richards

Cookie Fiasco                                                                          Dan Santat

Dog-Gone School                                                                    Amy Schmidt

Flight School                                                                            Lita Judge

Frog on  a Log                                                                         Kes Gray

Green Wilma: Frog in Space                                                   Tedd Arnold

Hooray for Hat                                                                         Brian Won

I Don’t Want to be a Frog                                                        D. Petty

It’s a Good Thing There are Bees                                           Lisa M. Herrington

My Brother is a Runner                                                          Jin-ha Gong

Nonsense Show                                                                     Eric Carle

Pirate Jamboree                                                                     Mark Teague

Quickest Kid in Clarksville                                                      Pat Zietlow Miller

Signs of Autumn                                                                     Colleen Dolphin

Special Delivery                                                                      Philip C. Stead

Thank You Book                                                                     Mo Willems

Tooth by Tooth                                                                       Sara Levine

Tree                                                                                        Britta Teckentrup

Watch Me Throw the Ball                                                       Mo Willems

Water Can Be                                                                         Laura Purdie Salas

Woodpecker Wham                                                                April Pulley Sayre

You Get What You Get                                                           Julie Gassman


Summer Reading List for Students entering Grade 2 Fall 2017


Adopted by an Owl                                                                             R. van Frankenhuyzen

 Are We There Yet?                                                                             Dan Santat

 Bear and the Piano                                                                             David Litchfield

 Bloom                                                                                                  Doreen Cronin

 Butterfly’s Treasure                                                                             Schim Schimmel

 Dear Hot Dog                                                                                      Mordicai Gerstein

 Do Trees Get Hungry?                                                                        Martha Rustad

 Dog-Gone School                                                                                Amy Schmidt

 Du Iz Tak?                                                                                           Carson Ellis

 Eight Great Planets                                                                              Laurie Purdie Salas

 Emu                                                                                                      Claire Saxby

 Finding Wild                                                                                          Megan W. Lloyd

 Flight School                                                                                         Lita Judge

 Flop to the Top                                                                                     Eleanor Davis

 From Wax to Crayon                                                                            Michael Forman

 From Wax to Crayon                                                                            Robin Nelson

 German Shephards                                                                             Jinny Johnson

 Ghost Hands: Story Inspired by Patagonia’s Cave                              T. A. Barron

 Golden Retrievers                                                                                Jinny Johnson

 Hana Hashimoto: Sixth Violin                                                              Chieri Uegaki

 Hello! Hello!                                                                                          Matthew Cordell

 How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum                                                Jessie Hartland

 If the Shoe Fits                                                                                   Jennifer Dussling

 In a Village by the Sea                                                                        Muon Van

 Invisible Boy                                                                                        Trudy Ludwig

 Mango Trees                                                                                       Tae-Yeon Kim

 My Brother is a Runner                                                                       Jin-ha Gong

 Night World                                                                                          Mordicai Gerstein

 Pond                                                                                                    Jim LaMarche

 Saving Yasha                                                                                      Lia Kvatum

 Sebastian and the Balloon                                                                  Philip C. Stead

 Star Stuff: Carl Sagan                                                                         Stephanie R. Sisson

 Take Me Out to the Yakyu                                                                   Aaron Meshon

 There Goes the Water                                                                        Laura Purdie Salas

 Toad Weather                                                                                     Sandra Markle

 Too Much Glue                                                                                   Jason Lefebvre

 Tooth by Tooth                                                                                    Sara Levine

 Tugg & Teeny                                                                                      J. Patrick Lewis

 Word After Word After Word                                                               Patricia MacLachlan


Summer Reading List for Students entering Grade 3 Fall 2017


Adopted by an Owl                                                                             R. van Frankenhuyzen

 Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch                                                         Chris Barton

 Bloom                                                                                                  Doreen Cronin

 Build, Beaver, Build                                                                            Sandra Markle

 Circle                                                                                                   Jeannie Baker

 Eight Great Planets                                                                             Laura Purdie Salas

 Emmanuel’s Dream                                                                            Laurie Ann Thompson

 Emu                                                                                                     Claire Saxby

 Enormous Smallness                                                                           Matthew Burgess

 Finding Wild                                                                                        Megan W. Lloyd

 Firefly Hollow                                                                                      Alison McGhee

 Flying Frog and Walking Fish                                                              Steve Jenkins

 Friends                                                                                                Catherine Thimmesh

 Gingerbread for Liberty                                                                      Mara Rockliff

 Grandfather Gandhi                                                                            Arun Gandhi

 Henry Aaron’s Dream                                                                         Matt Tavares

 How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum                                               Jessie Hartland

 I Fly: The Buzz About Flies                                                                   Bridget Heos

 Journey Around Our National Parks                                                   Martha Day Zschock

 Living With Wolves: National Geographic                                          Jim & Jamie Dutcher

 Mesmerized: How Ben Franklin Solved…                                           Mara Rockliff

 Mr. Cleghorn’s Seal                                                                            Judith Kerr

 Poet’s Dog                                                                                           Patricia MacLachlan

 Rabbit & Robot and Ribbit                                                                  Cece Bell

 Sand Swimmers                                                                                  Narelle Oliver

 Secrets at Sea                                                                                     Richard Peck

 Seven and Half Tons of Steel                                                              Janet Nolan

 Snowman: The True Story of a Champion                                          Catherine Hapka

 The Man Who Named the Clouds                                                      Hannah and Holub

 Trombone Shorty                                                                                Troy Andrews

 Walk in London                                                                                   Salvatore Rubbino

 Wonderful Year                                                                                  Nick Bruel

Word After Word After Word                                                                 P. MacLachlan

 Word of Mouse                                                                                   James Patterson


Summer Reading List for Students entering Grade 4 Fall 2017


Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch                                                         Chris Barton

 Be the Change: A Grandfather Gandhi Story                                      Arun Gandhi

 Boundless                                                                                            Kenneth Oppel

Circles                                                                                                  David Adler

 Coral Reefs Matter                                                                              Julie Murphy

 Eddie Red Undercover: Mystery on Museum Mile                               Marcia Wells

 Enormous Smallness                                                                           Matthew Burgess

 Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library                                               Chris Grabenstein

 Henry Aaron’s Dream                                                                          Matt Tavares

 How Do Water and Wind Change Rock                                              Ellen Lawrence

 Journey Around our National Parks                                                    Martha Day Zschock

 Living With Wolves                                                                              Jim & Jamie Dutcher

 Poet’s Dog                                                                                           Patricia MacLachlan

 Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky                                                  Sandra Dallas

 Snowman: The True Story of a Champion                                          Catherine Hapka

 Some Writer: The Story of E.B. White                                                 Melissa Sweet

 Trombone Shorty                                                                                Troy Andrews

 Walk in London                                                                                    Salvatore Rubbino

 Water Rescue Dogs                                                                             Sara Green

 Word of Mouse                                                                                    James Patterson

  Thank you.  

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