Horace W. Porter


    We are into our fifth week of school, Open House has gone by, elementary students have already checked out over 900 books; and the book fair is less than a month away! Time sure does fly by.

     I am trying something different this year regarding the overdue (book) notices I send out from the library. In the past  I would fill out a "Did you forget?" slip if the book was not returned on its due date. I was finding that I was filling out a ton of overdue slips (sometimes half the class) so this year I will only fill out an overdue slip when a book is overdue at least a week. If your child comes home without a library book on their library day they may have forgotten to return it. In that case, the student places a book on "hold" and can bring their book to the library the next day to get the book they placed on hold.


Lynn MacMullen
School Librarian

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