Horace W. Porter

2016-2017 School Year


All grades will be working on phrases such as "Can I go to the bathroom?" and "Can I get a drink?" in Spanish. As well, being able to ask someone their name and how old they are. Then, we will be learning about they Mexican flag and it's history and symbolism. 


The first half of October we will be learning about El Dia de la Raza, a day that celebrates the ancestry of each Mexican person. We will be talking about our own ancestory as well. 
The second half of October we will be talking about El Dia de los Muertos. This year we are going to especially focus on how the holiday is really a celebration of family and not just "Mexican Halloween."


In early November, we will be wrapping up El Dia de los Muertos. Then, we will start on the new topic of the month which is Greetings and Conversation. By the end of this lesson, we should be able to have a simple introductory conversation in Spanish. We will be learning a new song to help reinforce the new vocabulary. Check out the Videos section of my webpage to see Basho and Friends and start learning the song!


This December, we will be learning about the Mexican Christmas events of Las Posadas y La Noche de Rabanos. We will also be learning a new Christmas song this year! The new song is Blanca Navidad. Take a a look at the Videos section to see a version of it.