Horace W. Porter

Happy Summer! 
Please check back later in the summer for more information (and you can also check our indivdual teacher websites).  For now, though, we would like to let you know that the "Porter Pals"  preschool program is moving around the corner to our new location... Mrs. Coviello will be in Room 307 (formerly Mrs. Lawton's kindergarten classroom), and Mrs. DelMastro will be in Room 308 (formerly Ms. Henry's kindergarten classroom). 

Families of registered preschool students will receive letters during the summer with information about the beginning of the school year, including an appointment for "Visiting Day".  For now, though, if you would like to plan ahead, here are the things your child will need:
* a sturdy 2-pocket folder (we will use this daily for home-school communication), labeled with your child's name
* a backpack (large enough to hold the folder and a lunch box/lunch bag without being too large for your preschooler to wear on his/her back)
* a complete change of clothing in a bag labeled with your child's name (to be kept in school, just in case!)

For the half-day programs (Mrs. Coviello's A.M. and P.M. classes):  You will also need to send a small snack and drink each day, packed in a small lunch box or bag that fits inside the backpack. 
For the new full-day program (Mrs. DelMastro's full-day class):  More information will be shared later in the summer.

This information will also be included in your summer "Visiting Day" letter. 

We look forward to working with you and your child!