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Students are entering the final quarter of sixth grade. At this point in the year it is essential that students practice advocating for their educational needs. Students should be monitoring powerschool grades and taking the initiative of approaching teachers if they have questions and/or concerns about their standing in their classes. It is expected that students are working more independently at this time. Assignments may require more time and be more complex as students begin to ready themselves for the approaching 7th grade year.
Sixth grade has brought new challenges. Students  have the opportunity to join sports, qualify for the National Junior Honor Society, and Honor Rolls. They are practicing how to juggle academic expectations with extra-curricular activities. This is an exciting time in their lives.

One of the major goals of sixth grade is to help students take ownership of their learning. Our team has encouraged them to advocate for themselves in the classroom. Students  have many opportunities to practice the skill of advocating for themselves as learners. We encourage students to speak with their teachers directly when they are unsure or confused about classroom concepts. By helping them learn to speak up for themselves in the learning process, we find that students become more actively involved in recognizing their personal strengths and weaknesses as learners. This is important for them to understand so that they can succeed in all their coming school years.

I encourage students to come to me directly if they are experiencing any difficulties with the areas we cover in Language Arts. By accepting the responsibility of approaching me directly, students confirm that they are interested in learning, and I will work with them to find a reasonable resolution to their concerns. While I welcome  communication with parents, I hope that parents will encourage their student to speak with me directly. Hearing the student explain his/her concern in his/her own words is very helpful in gaining a clear insight into the way the student is experiencing the difficulty.

As to parent communication, I will say the best way to reach me is through email. I understand that actual conversations are often best for some situations. If that is the case, please send me an email and let me know what time would be best for me to call. I will try to accommodate the times you specify (if I am not with students at that time.)  I cannot stress enough that we all, (student, parent, and teacher), have the same goal--success for the student!