Horace W. Porter

Middle School Visual Art


I truly hope you have a delightful summer vacation!

As I mentioned in our final Related Arts Newsletter, an enjoyable activity this summer would be a trip with your children to a local art museum!
Our local family favorites are the New Britain Museum of American Art, The Wadsworth, and the Yale Art Gallery. Other family favorites include the MOMA and Solomon Guggenheim in New York City. Have conversations with your children about the art they see. I would love to hear stories from the students when they return in the fall!

In fact, I will award every student who returns with a short paper describing his/her museum visit with free drawing pencils and a kneaded art eraser!!!

Our school is a very nurturing environment that offers the academic challenges necessary for students to be well-rounded. The arts at Porter help provide the critical thinking and decision making required for students to succeed in a diverse, challenging world.


Teaching Philosophy
My personal philosophy is that participating in visual art class should be an enjoyable, interactive experience, while building essential skills required to succeed in visual arts in high school and beyond. This is a mutually respectful learning community wherein students feel safe to explore art media and processes. It is my hope that students choose subject matter, materials and methods that are important to them in expressing and communicating themes. Students' opinions matter, especially when it comes to how to communicate ideas successfully. I am open to suggestions from students their guardians or parents, as we collaborate to help all students learn.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at kmacdonald@hwporter.org.
I look forward to your input!