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After School Clubs: Session 4

 After School Clubs: Session 4

Session 4 runs from  Monday, March 25 - Thursday May 30  (no clubs on Friday).  Registration for session 4 is due by Wednesday, March 20 - First come, first serve basis (If it is a popular club, preference will be given to those who haven't had a chance yet).  Students will be placed in up to two clubs until registration is complete before being placed in a third club, to allow for all students to have an opportunity to take part. I will notify parents via email by Friday, March 22 of what clubs their child is enrolled.  When you submit an online enrollment, you will not get a confirmation email, a quick confirmation of receipt flashes on the screen.  If you are unsure if your submission went through, feel free to email me and I will confirm that I received it.  I will not be able to confirm that your child is enrolled in the club until after the enrollment period is closed.

Due to the enormous response from grades K-1, students in clubs open to grades K-1 will be placed in ONE club this session so everyone gets a chance to be in a club.  If there are any openings after Wednesday, I will place students in a second club first come/first served.  

No clubs on: 4/15, 4/16, 4/17, 4/18, 5/27 and Fridays

Mrs. Bacon is the After School Club Coordinator and can be reached at kbacon@hwporter.org.


  Kids in the Kitchen, grades 3-5, Instructor: Mrs. Nguyen   FULL                                                             Do you enjoy cooking and baking?  Join Mrs. Nguyen to learn some fun and easy recipes to make yummy treats. (*If your child has food allergies, please contact Mrs. Bacon to discuss this club

Lego Club,   Grades K-4, Instructor: Mrs. Hall         FULL                                                                             In this club, students will brainstorm ideas of what to build and the group will vote for one project each week.  Students may build with partners, in small groups, or independently!  Once the final project is constructed, a photo is taken to bring home the following week!  Each building session ends with a fun weekly challenge.  "Let's get building!"  (*Students who have never attended lego club will be placed first to give everyone a chance to enjoy the fun.)                                                        

 Magic, The Gathering Club, grades 4-8, Instructor: Mr. Lefebvre  
Have you ever played Magic, the Gathering?  It’s a fun card game that has quite a following.  Come, bring your deck and play with your friends; or come learn how to play if you’ve never played before!  Then look forward to the end of the year annual tournament for all club members. (*starter decks will be supplied to new members who don’t yet have any cards.)   This session we will be doing a draft tournament and learning the basics of building your own deck (which you get to keep!).

No Bake Baking, grades K-2Instructor: Ms. Boucher  FULL
This session you will join Ms. Boucher to cook up some yummy snacks to eat or bring home!  All recipe's involve to actual cooking and are instant pudding based snacks.  (All recipes contain milk products)  If your child has allergies, please contact Mrs. Bacon to discuss this club prior to enrolling.


Creative Corner Art    grades 1-3   , Instructor: Mrs. Kuehnel                                               
Join local artist Judy Kuehnel in creating a series of art projects from painting to crafts.  Each project will be something different and exciting!

 Backyard Games, grades 3-8, Instructor: Amanda Lester
Looking to have some outdoor fun?  Each week we will play a different backyard game outside (or indoors in bad weather).  Some games include: Cornhole, Kan Jam, Capture the Flag and more!

Running Club, Grades 2-5, Instructor: Mrs. Kagerer
Get outside and get some exercise running with Mrs. Kagerer!  Arrangements will be made indoors on rainy days.  Wear sneakers and comfortable clothing.  (limited to 20 students)


Game Club, Grades 2-5 , Instructor: Mrs. Cruz                                                                                 Come join us for some fun playing board games and card games.  We have a variety of games available to play, or you can bring your own!  We have new games this year!

 Fun with Science and Nature  Grades K-2,  Instructor:  Mrs.Bacon  
Each week students will take part in a fun science and nature activity.  It could be a kitchen chemistry experiment, or a STEM activity, or looking in a microscope.  Students will meet a different animal each week as well.

Country Crafts, grades K-3, Instructor: Mrs. Reagan              FULL                                                                     In this club you will make some creative country style crafts with Mrs. Reagan and her daughter Anna.




Crafting Fun, grades 2-5 Instructor: Mrs. Barros  
Join Mrs. Barros to make fun crafts to brighten up your day!  This session will include holiday centered crafts as well as creating with air dry clay.  Always something new to try.

Pep Squad, Grades 2-5, Instructor: Mrs. Marks             FULL                                                                   Have fun learning the basics of cheerleading with Mrs. Marks.  Bring comfortable clothes for tumbling and sneakers and learn some cheers! (*Students who have never attended Pep Squad will be placed first to give everyone a chance to enjoy the fun.)