Horace W. Porter School

Notice to Parents for After School Programs

Horace W. Porter School

 After-School Clubs

Dear Parents,

Clubs run from 3:30pm until 5pm when students will need to be picked up. If your child would like to participate in one or more activities, please complete the registration form/permission slip in full. If you need a paper copy, please email me or your child's teacher. 

Please note that activities can fill up.  While we make every effort to accommodate your children’s selections, registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Students will not be enrolled in more than two activities until after all students who have signed up are enrolled and we check for additional openings.

We hope that your child will pursue personal interests and explore some new kristen Bacon after school coordinator, at kbacon@hwporter.org



The health room closes daily at 3:30pm, the school office remains open until 4:30pm, the main door receptionist is on duty until 5pm and Mrs. Bacon will be available until 5:30pm.  There is no nursing coverage for after school activities. If your child has a known medical need (such as asthma, fever, allergies, seizures, diabetes, etc) and may need medication or medical supervision after school, a parent/guardian must contact the school nurse in order to make the necessary plans or arrangements.  The appropriate care and guidelines will be delegated to the supervising adult.  These arrangements will need to be updated for each activity your child participates in each session.  Please call the health office with questions.

Thank you,

Kristen Bacon, After School Program Coordinator