Before School Care Enrollment

Before School Care Enrollment Form

The Before School Care program at Horace W. Porter School is free of charge to families with children at Porter school.  The program begins at 7:30am until 8:15am when the first bell rings. On late opening days, the Before School Care program begins at 9am until 9:50am when school begins.  The front door monitor is on duty to let the children into the building, sign in and then the children report directly to the cafeteria.

Our expectation is that children are well behaved and listen to the adults in the program. We do have activities such as coloring and games if the children choose to participate. Children will receive a consequence just as they would if they were in the classroom if needed; constant misbehavior may result in being exited from the program.

Please complete the form below so that we can anticipate when your child will be present.
                                                                                                           2017-2018 School Year

Child 1 Name:      Child 2 Name:        
Child 1 Grade:     Child 2 Grade:   
Medical Concerns?     Medical Concerns?    
Child 3 Name:      Child 4 Name:   
Child 3 Grade:     Child 4 Grade:   
Medical Concerns?     Medical Concerns?   
In case of a question or emergency:
Contact Name:     Phone Number:    
Contact Name:     Phone Number:   
Contact Name:     Phone Number:   
Please check off the anticipated day(s) of attendance:
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When submitted the information on the form is emailed to Judy Zemantic.  If you have questions
she can be contacted at or 860.228.9493 ext. 176.