Horace W. Porter

Panther Paws

The Panther Paws (formerly Caught Doing Good) program is a Positive Behavior Incentive System which encourages students to make positive choices and be recognized for those choices.

Each month school staff, administration and bus drivers have the opportunity to recognize all students in grades K-8 for positive behaviors that reflect the school-wide expectations of demonstrating Kindness. Students “caught” demonstrating these behaviors are handed a Panther Paws card, which they give to their homeroom teacher. Every month, each student in Grades K-4 who received a Panther Paws card is acknowledged and rewarded with a small prize such as stickers or pencils. All cards are put into a monthly drawing, from which one student in each grade (K-8) is chosen. The winners in grades K-4 have their pictures taken with the principal, get a spirit stick and letter of acknowledgment sent home and are invited to have a pizza lunch with the principal! Students in grades 5-8 whose cards are chosen get to choose a prize such as a gift card from Dunkin Donuts or Amazon!