Horace W. Porter

Homework Help


                                                  Many students struggle with doing their
                                     homework, especially when the assignment is
                                     the dreaded "long term" variety.

                                     Here is a link to a web site with some free
                                     charts to help your child break the assignment
                                     down into manageable parts.

                                     Organizing long term tasks is a very important skill.
                                     When students learn to do this independently,
                             it helps them to look at time, materials and 
                                     resources in a realistic manner.

                                     In order to strengthen planning and organizing skills,
                                     you can provide your child with daily or weekly 
                                     events that they can help organize at home.
                                     Estimating how long a task                                                                                                              will take, what materials or people are needed,
                                    and predicting an outcome fosters independent thinking and planning                                           skills.