Horace W. Porter

Facilities Use Form

If you are interested in using the building during non-school hours, please complete a Facilities Use form and submit your request. Bonnie Quinn will review your request and respond. If you have any questions you may call her at 860.228.9493 ext. 165 or email at bquinn@hwporter.org

Application for Use of Horace W. Porter School Facility

*  Applications are to be submitted to the school office at least 7 days before the scheduled event.  Notification of cancellation of event should be made 3 days before the scheduled event.

*  School and/or school-directed activities shall have priority over any request, accepted application or approval for the use of school facility.

*  Any group granted the use of school facility in excess of one month’s duration may be subject to interruptions in the scheduled dates because of special events.

*  Applications for use of the school facility may be submitted to the office one month in advance of scheduled date.

Submission Date:
Requesting Person:
Name of Group/Organization
Type of Activity
Beginning AND Ending Dates
List ALL dates that you wish to use the facility:

USE OF FACILITY time beginning at AND ending at:

ACTIVITY time beginning at AND ending at:


Expected number of people to attend:  

Any files, including insurance, if applicable:
Additional Information Needed:
Please list all facilities and equipment needed from this list:

  • Basketball Court Outside
  • Cafetorium
  • Classroom
  • Conference Room
  • Gymnasium ***
  • Basketball Hoops (up or down)
  • Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Soccer Field   
  • Softball Field 
  • Stage*
  • Chairs and state number needed
  • Tables and state number needed
  • Public Address System
  • Television
  • VDR
  • DVD Player
  • Other (please specify)


  • It is the responsibility of the group to leave the facility in the condition in which it was found.
  • We, the group/organization, assume responsibility for damage, loss, or injury to property or persons of those attending the function.  Liability insurance carried by the Board of Education does not cover any person using the facility.
  • Facility use fees to be determined (if applicable). 

The set up and clean up of the facility and/or the equipment is the sole responsibility of the individual or the group named herein.

  Person in Charge:  
                               *****By listing your name here you are signing that you are responsilble fo the facililty.

Phone number:



Name of person responsible for monitoring site during event (must be physically present):

Phone number: 



**Fee is to be paid to the person working by the group/organization at the time of facility use. You will be notified if a fee will be due.

For Office Use Only:

*Stage Director                                    Approved        Denied      Date     _      

Food Service Manager                           Approved        Denied      Date         _  

***Athletic Director                              Approved        Denied      Date       __  

Classroom Teacher                               Approved        Denied      Date        _   

Facility Director                                    Approved        Denied      Date             

Administrator                                       Approved        Denied      Date         _  

Kitchen Staff: _____________________________________________________

Kitchen Fee: ________

Custodial Staff: _____________________________________________________
Custodial Fee: ________

Stage Crew: _____________________________________________________

**Above fee is to be paid to the person working by the group/organization at the time of facility use.