School Spirit Week

Monday, Oct 15th Wear Blue: National Stomp out Bullying

Speak –up for yourself and others, include others, use kind words

Tuesday, Oct 16th Wear Red: Commit to Being Positive Role Model

 Show others how to be kind, Show others how to be a friend, Show others how to use kind words.

Wednesday, Oct 17th Wear Yellow:  Commit to Speaking Positively

 Use kind words, Remember to say please and thank you to others

Thursday, Oct 18th Wear Purple:  Commit to Encouraging Others

 Look for the best in people, Lift others up when they are feeling down/sad

Friday, Oct 19th Dress To Impress: Treat Others With Kindness and Respect

Make choices that are good for yourself and for others. Treat others the way you want to be treated.