School Information


The Columbia Lions Club is offering two $1200 scholarships to Columbia high school seniors.  Please access the application by clicking on this linkThank you.

The Columbia Volunteer Fire Department is offering four
FRED GIFFORD MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPSin the amount of $1000 each.  Please select this link to access the applicationThank you.

High School Admission and Transfer Information

The Columbia Board of Education has developed a Designated High School Policy (5117) to provide an equitable and deliberate process for Columbia-resident, high school age students to select and attend a designated high school.

Columbia residents enrolled in grade eight at Horace W. Porter School receive high school admission information through presentations and correspondence managed by the School Guidance Counselor.

Columbia residents who are enrolled in grade eight in a private elementary school or who are home schooled and approaching high school-age are asked to contact the School Counselor, Mrs. Corey Polakowski (  to receive high school admission information.

Columbia-resident, high school age students who are already enrolled in a designated high school, private high school, or magnet/charter high school and wish to transfer to a different designated high school, magnet/charter high school are asked to contact the Superintendent, Maria Geryk, ( to receive high school transfer approval.

The Columbia School System offers three designated high schools for matriculation in the 2015-2016 school year:

Lyman Memorial High School is no longer a designated high school. Columbia VOAG students may enroll in the Lyman Memorial High School VOAG program with the approval of the Columbia Board of Education.