H. W. Porter School


Mrs. Therrien

Library Media Specialist


Check out our awesome library at HWP!

Books and E-Books

The automated library catalog, Destiny (Follett), can be accessed from anywhere within the school building and from home, via the Internet, to preview or search for books in the school library's collection.

To access the Horace W. Porter School Library Card Catalog click on the link above. Then click on Horace W. Porter, under "Other Collections" title to search the card catalog.


Download the free app: Destiny Discover (Follett)

  • Location: Connecticut

  • School: Horace W. Porter School

Students can log in to Destiny using their Google account. They can place holds and check out E-Books.

Resources and Databases

Students can connect to our Scholastic products through CLEVER

Additional Links

Other Websites

ABC Mouse ($) (with some limited free access)

Fact Hound (helps you find websites about specific topics)

Word Central (dictionary and thesaurus, plus word games)

Room Recess (math, reading, word and computer keyboard games; has some advertisements)

TVO Kids (a Canadian website; a lot to choose from, coin game features Canadian coins)

ABCya (teacher-created, choose from Kindergarten to Grade 5, some advertisements)


Educational Games for Kids

Kidtopia (A Google custom search engine created by school librarians)

Care for our Books

We have a valuable collection at Horace W. Porter School. Children love clean, new (or at least new-looking) books. If we all do our part by taking care of school library books, they will look just like new for a long time. Library books have a protective plastic covering and can be cleaned at home with a damp cloth or paper towel. If a page is torn please do not repair it at home, I have special acid-free tape at school. Please leave a note for me in the book and I will fix the tear.

Here are some hints on how to care for this valuable collection of great books.

  1. Be gentle with your library books.

  2. Wash your hands before reading your book. Many books are being returned with very sticky covers, please remind your readers to have clean hands when reading a school library book.

  3. Turn the pages carefully, from the bottom right-hand corner.

  4. DO NOT FOLD OVER THE CORNER OF A PAGE – Use a bookmark!

  5. Keep your books away from younger brothers and sisters… and pets.

  6. Keep your book in a closable plastic bag. Many books are returned damaged because water bottles or juice boxes have leaked in backpacks, and unfortunately this happens often.

I can give you the price of every book in our book collection but the value of a book and the impact it has on children is priceless.