High School Options

The Columbia Board of Education has developed a Designated High School Policy (5117) to provide an equitable and deliberate process for Columbia-resident, high school age students to select and attend a designated high school. The Columbia School System offers three designated high schools for matriculation: Bolton High School, E.O. Smith High School and Windham Technical High School.

Designated High Schools Contact Information and Videos

73 Brandy Street

Bolton, Connecticut

(860) 643-2768

Video: Bolton High School: "All About BHS"

1235 Storrs Rd

Storrs, CT 06268

(860) 487-0877

Video: E.O. Smith Regional Agriscience and Technology Program

210 Birch Street

Willimantic, Connecticut 06226

(860) 456-387


Admission Information

Columbia residents enrolled in grade eight at Horace W. Porter School receive high school admission information through presentations and correspondence managed by the school counselor.

Columbia residents who are enrolled in grade eight in a private elementary school or who are home schooled and approaching high school-age are asked to contact the school counselor, Mrs. Corey Polakowski (cpolakowski@hwporter.org), to receive high school admission information.

High School Visits

During the coronavirus pandemic, in lieu of visiting each high school, students and families will be invited to separate question and answer sessions hosted by each high school. Student will also explore the high school options with Mrs. Polkowski during their 3rd quarter. Discussions will include graduation requirements, class leveling, possible 9th grade electives, and what a transcript and GPA mean.

Occasionally a student or a parent/guardian is uncertain as to which high school best meets their child's needs. Please discuss your concerns with the eighth grade team, school counselor or anyone at the school that you feel will help you make a decision.

High School Registration

Students registering for high school (grades 9-12) should contact Brenda Morey in the Superintendent’s Office at (860) 228-8590 or bmorey@hwporter.org.

  1. Families are required to provide proof of residency information and complete the High School Registration Form for approval by the Superintendent.

  2. Parents: Please also complete the Request for High School Choice Form to indicate which school your child wishes to attend.

Course Recommendations

During the month of March, the eighth grade teachers will make recommendations of appropriate course levels for each student based on student grades, ability, interests and work ethic.

Transferring High Schools

Columbia-resident, high school age students who are already enrolled in a designated high school, private high school, or magnet/charter high school and wish to transfer to a different designated high school, magnet/charter high school are asked to contact the Superintendent, Maria Geryk, (mgeryk@hwporter.org) to receive high school transfer approval.