Horace W. Porter


 Welcome to Enrichment


Horace W. Porter's Enrichment Program provides challenge and promotes creativity for students in grades Pre-K through grade eight. In grades four through eight, students are referred by the grade level team and students are screened to see if he/she meets the program's criteria for pull out services.

Criteria for the Enrichment Program 

 1.  Student demonstrates above average intelligence, task commitment, and
 2.  Student produces quality work.
 3.  Student is willing to take on extended tasks and academic responsibilities.
 4.  Student shows above average scores on district assessments, SBAC, and,
      maintains a B+ average in all areas on report card grades.
 5.  Student displays high interest in specific areas, topics, themes, etc.
 6.  Student is recommended by his/her teacher to receive services based on
      evidence displayed in class and through curriculum assignments.

Please contact Sandy Rijs at: srijs@hwporter.org if you feel that your child is in need of enrichment services,a meeting will be arranged to discuss your questions and assist as needed.