Horace W. Porter


            Enrichment News and Notices

There will not be an Invention Convention for the 2018-19

school year. Students that are still interested in participating,

may visit the Connecticut Invention Convention web site for

details on how to compete independently.  :)


The results and names of the 8th Invention Convention can be found on the curriculum page... 

The 8th Annual H.W.P Invention Convention

                                    Important dates and information for the event

  January 12th           1st meeting to discuss the requirements and the CIC Program.
  January 22nd          2nd meeting. Discuss LOG Book expectations. View "Best Kid Inventions" & TIME 
                                  Magazine Best 2017 Inventions. What is a "prototype"? See kid -made examples.

  January 29th           3rd meeting.  Pages 1,2,3,4,&5 in LOG Book must be completed. Questions and HELP if
                                  needed. "Guess the Invention" activity.

  February 5th           4th meeting.  Bring in your "Guess the Invention" homework to share. WORK on yor invention
                                  at home. Time management is important. Make notes in your LOG Book. 
February 12th           5th meeting.  We will discuss Display Board design. All needed information for this is in both the
                                  LOG Book (pages 6 & 7), and Information Packet in your folder. What should I call it? How
                                  to name your invention.

February 26th            6th meeting. WORK-WORK-WORK on your display board and prototype!
                                   We will have some fun rotating around #602 at invention station activities.
                                    REMEMBER that I can help YOU with any questions or concerns! :)

March 5th                   7th meeting. What the JUDGES will ask! Review page 8 in the LOG Book. We will
                                    practice answers at this meeting. Your project should be almost finished. Remember that
                                    the JUDGES will be reading your LOG Book notes. NEATNESS matters!

March 12th                  Inventions are DUE in Room #602!

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14th  8th Invention Convention!

2:45-Set up your invention in the cafe.

3:00-5:00 Be present with your invention.

5:00- Three Inventors to represent H.W.P at Eastern

          Regionals on 3/24/18.

"Innovation and creativity is the
key to improving
the future."