Horace W. Porter School

Ms. Kylee Mattis

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Hello!  My name is Miss Mattis and I'm so excited to be teaching at Porter!  I think first grade is the best grade with some of the most tangible growth.  Get ready for an exciting year!

Homework is given out daily beginning on the second week of school.  Math work will typically mirror the same topic and format of the lesson that day, so it should be fairly straightforward to students, but if you have any issues working with your child on homework, send me an email or write a note on it for the next day and I can assist.  The other daily assignment will be completing a reading log.  Students will read for 15 minutes and write down the book(s) read.  The reading log will be given on the first day of the week and should be turned in on Friday for week.  Reading logs will be beginning mid-September.