Horace W. Porter

Fourth Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Fourth grade is an exciting year! We explore many interesting topics, begin switching classes, are introduced to band lessons, and master the art of opening lockers.  Our year in fourth grade is a big transition from the lower elementary grades. Expectations are high and there is a strong focus placed on learning to become more independent and responsible learners by applying the skills they have been taught. The students are transitioning from learning how-to-read to reading-to-learn by applying reading skills in all content areas. Students are expected to have their math facts and basic skills mastered in order to learn the more difficult math concepts introduced this year. Our goal as fourth grade teachers is for each student in our classes to be prepared academically with strong study habits and skills so each student will be successful in middle school and beyond. We look forward to the year we spend with your child preparing him or her for the future.

A Team Approach:

We are a team of dedicated and caring fourth grade teachers. We have a desire to create a community of responsible, life-long learners by collaborating, communicating as a team, and maintaining consistent expectations. We hope to inspire and motivate students to be productive members of society.