Horace W. Porter

Ms. Shannon Piatek

Welcome to Ms. Piatek's Fourth Grade Class

Over the summer please be sure to read daily. It can be anything: newspapers, magazines, e-readers, books, comics, even directions! Looking for something to do on a cloudy day? In fourth grade Social Studies, we study Connecticut geography, landmarks, settlement, and immigration. Visit some important places in Connecticut to prepare for fourth grade in a fun way. Consider traveling to Mt. Frissel for a hike on a sunny day, to the Windham Textile Museum on a rainy day, the many historical sights in Mystic, or the Connecticut River on any day!
It is essential that students have mastered the third grade multiplication facts up to 12 for success in fourth grade. Mastery means efficient and automatic recall (without counting). The fourth grade standard for incoming students is 20 correct facts per minute. This is not a new standard, but without mastery of this concept students cannot complete fourth grade work efficiently and accurately. Almost all math units this year build on this foundational skill.
Finally, any chance you get, have students write.  Letters to relatives far away, thank you cards, grocery lists, wish lists, or even keeping track of sports teams/players are all good ways to keep students skills fresh!
I've already picked out my summer reading list, and have a stack of books ready to go. I'm excited about September, and it's only June! 
Enjoy relaxing, have fun, wear sunscreen, and be safe! 

Ms. Piatek

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Wish List:
plastic spoons and forks for snacks
napkins for snacks
extra band aids
hand sanitizer
brochures from Connecticut landmarks

books about Connecticut