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2019 NYC Trip Student Rules

New York City Field Trip- June 6 and 7, 2019

Please arrive at HWP between 7:00 and 7:25 A.M.  The bus is scheduled to leave at 7:30 A.M. Sharp!  Parents are asked to help their child pack.  We will be stopping for breakfast on the way and this is not covered as part of the trip.  Students should bring some spending money or their own food for the bus.  Please make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and to pack an extra set of clothes for the theater on Thursday night. We are asking students to "Dress to Impress" khaki pants and collared shirt (with or without tie) for boys and girls are asked to cover their shoulders if wearing a dress to the event.  Please wear the 8th grade class T-Shirt on Thursday morning if possible.   HWP dress code will still apply.  Also please review the attached rules and itinerary with your son/daughter.
The bus is scheduled to return to the school at between 10:00 -10:30 P.M. on Friday night.  Students may bring a cell phone and are given permission to use their phone to call parents about 10 to 15 minutes before we return to school to allow necessary time for pick up.

Please review the attached documents for NYC Trip rules and itinerary.
Class Picnic to Holiday Hill- June 10, 2019 8th Graders will use regular transportation that day.  We are scheduled to leave at 8:45 AM.  All students should pack comfortable shoes, sun screen, hat, towel, a bathing suit, and an extra t-shirt.  All food and drinks will be provided.  Parents are asked to help their child pack modest and appropriate bathing suits for swimming.  If at any time the staff feel that a bathing suit in inappropriate for the event, the student will be asked to cover up and swim with a t-shirt over the bathing suit.
Graduation- June 12, 2019 The ceremony takes place at E.O Smith High School in the auditorium with the awarding of diplomas and a full ceremony at 3:00 P.M.  Students are expected to remain in school until 12:30 P.M. on the day of graduation.  Graduating students should not wear:   blue jeans, sneakers or shorts under their gowns.  Students should be at the high school no later than 2:30 PM. No tickets are required to attend the ceremony.  There is no assigned seating or tickets for the graduate’s family and friends, seating is first come first serve.  The ceremony usually lasts between one hour to an hour and a half to complete.  After the completion of the ceremony, there will be a short break and then a brief slide show of the students will be shown for families.