Horace W. Porter

School Counselor

School Counselor

Corey Polakowski, MS
228-9493 ext 180

The Horace W. Porter's developmental School Counseling Program is designed upon the understanding that each student is unique, developing, capable individual who will learn from experience and grow personally, socially, and educationally through out childhood and adolescence.  Respectful of individual differences, the program assists and supports students as they begin to understand themselves, develop decision making and problem solving skills, and plan for their futures.  In addition to disseminating necessary and important educational and career information, the program seeks to promote each student’s desire to maximize his/her potential in preparation for success.  The program promotes effective communication and life planning skills that help students grow into responsible adults. 

Types of services:Guidance Curriculum, Individual Planning, Responsive services– individual and group counseling, and systems support within the school system.

What services does the school counselor?
A. Collaboration with teachers, parents, administrators.
Find effective solutions to learning and behavior problems.
1.     Help others understand child development and how it impacts learning  
       and behavior.
2.    Promote communication between those involved in a child’s education.

B. Provide counseling services.
1.  Work with children and families to resolve problems in adjustment and learning.
2.  Crisis response

C. Prevention
1.  Design programs for children who are at-risk for school failure.
2.  Promote tolerance, understanding, and appreciation of diversity.
3.  Develop programs to make schools safer and more effective learning environments.
4.  Collaborate with school staff and community  

What are some issues that might be addressed with the School Counselor?
Behavior, mood, emotional coping, developmental issues, problem solving, and self advocacy.
Facilitates skill building to improve ability to follow  routine, and behave appropriately in relationships with authority figures, peers and friends, and cope during challenging situations.
Academic concerns based on organization, homework completion, study skills, and executive functioning skills