Horace W. Porter

Band Grading

  • Class participation & Effort: Coming prepared and ontime to class with your insturment, sheet music, and pencil. Willingness to make improvements, and accept feedback in the rehearsal setting. 
  • Individual Musical Performance (musical accuracy) & Performance assessments (group work, playing exams (sending recordings of instrumental playing through Seesaw educational application)
  • Concert Performances: (Porter Pride assemblies / evening scheduled concerts for band) There are 2 evening band concerts per school year. One in the winter and one in the spring. Both concerts are a graded requirement for all students in the middle school band. 
  • Practice Logs: Starting in September, students will also be graded on their weekly practice logs (practice time at home). Students will be asked to practice 3-4 days per week, at 15 minutes per day and subit a practice log each week as a homework grade. 

Rubrics for grading class participation & individual musical performance

Rubric for performance assessments

Rubric for concert performance 

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