Horace W. Porter

Band Grading

  • Class participation & Effort: Coming prepared and ontime to class with your insturment, sheet music, and pencil. Willingness to make improvements, and accept feedback in the rehearsal setting. 
  • Individual Musical Performance (musical accuracy) & Performance assessments (group work, playing exams (sending recordings of instrumental playing through Seesaw educational application)
  • Concert Performances: (Porter Pride assemblies / evening scheduled concerts for band) There are 2 evening band concerts per school year. One in the winter and one in the spring. Both concerts are a graded requirement for all students in the middle school band. 
  • Weekly Reflection Sheet: Starting in September, students will be asked to complete a weekly reflection sheet each week to reflect on their individual progress. (These sheets will be replacing last years ‘practice logs.’) Students will be asked to goal set, practice, listen to music and or do some research. Extra credit points will also be available. Students will be graded on submitting their weekly reflection sheets.

Weekly Reflection Sheet revised Oct 19'

Rubrics for grading class participation & individual musical performance

Band Reflection (Preparedness, Behavior, Effort, Clean Up & Helpfulness)

Rubric for playing exams

Student reflection for playing exams 

Rubric for concert performance 

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