Horace W. Porter

 Homework for Social Studies class can be found on the Main Calendar under the drop down menu when you click 5th or 6th grade.

   I have often been asked why students have homework. The homework given is usually a review/practice of the work done in class that day. While students often feel confident working in class, they can struggle with independent practice while completing homework. Should this happen, I would like you to know this:
     1. I am expecting that this will happen at times. Please don't panic.
     2. When I look at homework I look to see if the child attempted to do the work or if the student just gave up.
     3. By looking at the student's work I will see where the trouble seemed to be for the child.
    We generally correct homework together in class. This gives us a chance to discuss the items that we found troublesome and how we could figure these items out. Some assignments may end up with the majority of students having difficulty. This is important for me to see, as it lets me know that I need to re-teach the concept in a different way.
     It is tempting to have your child work until he/she gets everything correct. When this happens, ask yourself this; If you are having to drag them step by step through the assignment, do they really know it or could they benefit from reteaching? Homework should not take hours! But it also may take some students a little longer than others. If your child is truly struggling with homework, PLEASE have them speak with me so we can work to solve the problem together. I don't want students to just have everything correct--I want them to understand what they are doing.
     Some students just don't like homework. I understand. I never liked it as a student either. Many things in life are perhaps "not our cup of tea." However, it is those very things that teach us to persevere and triumph over difficulty. My homework is assigned for a purpose and it is important that students make every attempt to try to complete the assignments.
     Again, if there are constant struggles, the student needs to talk with me. Perhaps a conversation between the parent, the student, and the teacher may be needed. I am here to help.