Horace W. Porter

All grades will be using the series called Avancemos. The 6th grade classes will have a class set of books to access in the room. They will have access to all the materials through the classroom. There is part of the series that can be accessed from home and students are able to sign out books if needed to complete work. These students were exposed to the Preliminary lesson during 5th grade. The lessons will be more intensive this year - focusing on reading, speaking and writing. You will also find help on the resource page for this text book.

The 7th & 8th grade classes will continue to use the online text book called Avancemos. The series has auditory lessons, videos and other activities that allow the students to hear native speakers from different Spanish speaking countries. The activities allow the students to be fully involved for the lesson then follow up to practice the material that has been taught. There will be a class set of books in the classroom and each student will have an access code to use the book online at home. Students will soon have their own log in name and password to access the book at home. Along with reviewing pages that we have done in class, working on assignments, students may go to classzone.com to practice. There is homework help, flashcards, grammar videos, practice quizzes and games all related to what we are doing in class.

Grade 6 Curriculum and Objectives

Grade 7 Curriculum and Objectives

Grade 8 Curriculum and Objectives