Horace W. Porter

The 6th grade students will be using the Avancemos textbook this year. The preliminary lesson covered greetings and farewells, how to introduce yourself and others, ask and say how to spell names, say where you are from, exchange phone numbers, say what day of the week it is, describe the weather and respond to classroom instructions. This vocabulary will be reviewed at the beginning of the year. There will be listening, speaking and writing activities to go along with the lesson. Students are able to practice the vocabulary on a site for the book. Below are the directions on how to get to the site:
                    1. Search Avancemos on google
                    2. Look for ClassZone Avancemos level 1 (choose that site)
                    3. Once the page loads, on the upper right hand side you will see a list of activities
                    4. Choose flashcards (students will see the Spanish, can listen to the word in Spanish then flip it over to see the
                         English meaning)
                     5. There are also games, videos, self-check quizzes and more to explore

Since I will only see the students once a week this year, there will be vocabulary review activities for students to complete between classes. Once we have reviewed the vocabulary from last year, we will begin with Unit 1 Lesson 1. Students will be reading short sentences, translating both from English to Spanish as well as Spanish to English, writing longer sentences and listening to authentic speakers as well as each other.