Horace W. Porter



http://www.classzone.com/cz/books/avancemos_1a/book_home.htm?state=CTclass zone link

The link above can be used to access Class Zone for grade 6 to study for the name quiz. Once you click on the link, look for flashcards on the right hand side. Click and it will bring you to the preliminary lesson. There are two sets of flashcards (one for the vocabulary and the other for the alphabet). This can be used to practice how to say the letters.

Once the new school years starts and students get their log in name and password, here is how to access the online book. 

1. Search Avancemos. Choose class zone Avancemos level 1. This will bring you to the other site that has videos, flashcards, practice quizzes as well as games. This also gives you access to the book. Choose the 2010 online book and follow the same steps from option 1.