Horace W. Porter

15/25 Book Goal

In 7th and 8th grade, independent reading is very important.  Students are expected to read independently at home and during the day at school are are expected to always have an independent reading book with them.  The goal  for 7th grade is 15 books and the goal for 8th grade is 25 books .  This is a lofty goal, but many students can achieve this.  8th grade students must reach a book goal of 15 books for the year and 7th grade students must reach 10.  Their book lists must be updated at all times on Google Classroom and will be graded monthly.  Students are also required to write brief book plugs for every book they finish.  Goodreads is the required  place for posting book plugs online in 8th grade and 7th graders will upload their book plugs to Google Classroom.  

See if you can challenge your son/daughter by reaching the book goal with them :-)