Horace W. Porter

Board of Education policy states that fourth grade students should receive
approximately 40 minutes of homework nightly.  Homework usually consists of
20 minutes of reading, a math assignment and other various assignments that
arise throughout the year.  Each student is responsible for writing the
assignments in their agenda book each week.  I will initial their agendas to
verify that the assignments have been recorded correctly.  
Homework Assignments:
Each night students should study their multiplication and division facts. They
will also have a daily math work sheet to reinforce what they have been
learning in class.
Students should study their spelling words nightly.  Each child has created
their own spelling notebook to keep track of their own personal lists.  Words
to be practiced are the words that they have misspelled on the weekly tests
or on the preview words lists for each unit. On Tuesdays there will be a
spelling skills practice sheet for homework. If a student needs more words to
study, they should focus on the level four core words that are starred in
their spelling notebook.  (The starred words are new to fourth graders in the
Sitton Spelling Program.) Students may also add reading vocabulary words and
Word of the Day words to their personal spelling lists.
Students should read at least 20 minutes each night from a book of
their choice.  Our school library and the Saxton B. Little Free Library have
many selections available. Librarians are excellent resources for helping
your child to select an appropriate and interesting book. 
At times there may be a science or social studies activity to be completed as
well as study guides to be reviewed before unit assessments.
Daily completion of homework is expected, and missing or incomplete
assignments will have to be made up. Please write in their agenda, or even on
the homework sheet itself, if your child is struggling or has questions about
the assignment.
Thank you in advance for your support.