Daily Schedule

Components of the Daily Schedule*

 Opening Circle~ Students greet each other, practice oral language and Math skills, sing songs and listen to stories.

Choice Time/Centers~ Students develop self-direction, problem-solving skills, and sustained attention as they choose to play in centers such as: Art, Building, House, Fine-Motor, Math, Science, Sensory Table, Library, Computer, Dramatic Play.  Specific skill-building activities are intentionally built into each of these areas, and preschool staff actively engages with students as they explore these activities, using strategies to promote growth and learning for each student. 

Snacks~ Social interactions and Speech/Language skills are promoted as students eat a healthy snack from home (there will be TWO snack times each day ).

Specials~ PE, Art, Library, and Music; Students will visit one special a day, accompanied by the classroom paraeducator.

Small Group Time~ The class is split into two small groups to work on specific skills.  These skills include fine-motor activities, Literacy, Math, Speech and Language lessons, and large motor activities.

~ Outdoor play, weather permitting

Closing Circle~ Students come together to bring closure to the day, with time for a story and a “Goodbye Song”.

*These may be in a different order, depending on our “Specials” schedule.