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Units of Study and Grading Expectation and Policy

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Pacing Guide

Below are the links to connect to the CCSS for all ELA, math, science and social studies:


These are the grades that you will see on the academic area of the report card, and we will also use them on formal skills assessments, such as topic tests in math.

        The indicators the elementary school uses are as follows:

                     E= Exceeds Grade Level Expectations

                     M= Meets Grade Level Expectations

                     N= Near Grade Level Expectations

                     B= Below Grade Level Expectations


Most papers your child will be completing are introductory and/or practice, so these formal grades are not used frequently. Please do not equate “E” with an “A” or “M” with a “B,” etc. In order to achieve an “E,” your student would have to excel in the area assessed. Our goal for all students is to achieve a grade of “M.”

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