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Seventh Grade

Welcome to the 7th Grade


7th Grade Team ~ Horace W. Porter School ~ Columbia, Connecticut      860-228-9493 

Team Information & Guidelines

Your 7th grade year is an exciting time at Porter.  We look forward to a productive and positive year together.

School Website:  Please refer to the website for additional information for 7th grade, teacher web pages and homework calendar.

Behavior:  The 7th grade team expects the best from everyone. Student actions and reactions should always show respect and responsibility. The team will have specific expectations in addition to that of the schools in order to foster a climate of respectful and appropriate learning environment. Behavior expectations are listed in the student handbook.  It is each student’s job to know them and to put them into action.  Students who do not follow classroom, team, and/or school expectations will be given a consequence.  Consequences depend on the frequency and severity of the action and will range from:  student-teacher conference, time-out in class, re-assignment of task/group/seating, restricted privileges/movement, lunch detention, parent conference, after school detention, office referral.

Homework:  All students MUST use the school provided agenda each day to record assignments. If there are no assignments for that day, students will write “none.” Students will be given time in each class to write in their agendas.  Assignments are posted on the 7th grade school calendar website and posted in class. Student agendas are always up-to-date, so this source is the first one to go to. If a student is absent, it is her/his responsibility to check for missed assignments.  We encourage students to use a buddy in each of their classes to help them find out what was missed and to locate any materials needed. 

Headings:  Students must use the following heading on any paper handed in.           


Late/Missing Assignments:  Unless stated otherwise, all assignments are due at the beginning of class. Students are expected to complete ALL assignments and turn them in on time.   If the student DOES NOT turn in the assignment on time, he/she may receive a grading penalty at the teacher’s discretion.  

Bathroom & Locker Breaks:  Students may use the restrooms and go to their lockers during the following times:  Before Homeroom, lunch and with teacher permission during class.  

Agenda:  You must bring your school provided agenda to all classes. Please do not tear out any of the pages. 

Late to Class:  Students may not be late to class without a pass.  Chronic tardiness to class will result in team level consequences. 

Independent Reading Book (IRB):  Students should come prepared with their independent reading book to EACH class.  Time for independent reading will occur as time permits in each class.  Students will need their IRB to earn preparedness credit in their 7th grade academic classes.

Laptop Use: Students will be provided a laptop/case for use during the school day. Laptops will remain at school. Students will assigned a laptop once students and parents have reviewed and signed the school’s Technology Policy Forms. Forms should be returned to the student’s homeroom teacher.

Student/Parent Meetings:  We would be happy to schedule a meeting with you during the school year. Email is the most efficient method of communication to schedule these meetings and for general communication. 

Homeroom Teacher:  Your homeroom teacher is your advisor, advocate, and mentor.  Please use them as your primary contact for general questions and concerns.  If you are having any questions or concerns related to academic classes, please contact that teacher directly.  Team teachers meet several times a week and can share information, concerns, and/or requests from students and parents.

Dress Code:  Teachers will check for compliance with dress code and will ask any student out of compliance to remedy the situation.  If the student is unable to change into appropriate clothing, he/she will be sent to the office.  Also, any student found out of dress code later in the day will be referred to the office.

Parent Portal:  Parent Portal is a great tool to track students’ progress throughout the year.  Grades are updated on a regular basis.  Please be sure you have a user name and password for Parent Portal. Please remember to check it frequently. The link is on the Porter home page.  If you need a log in, please contact the main office.

Water Bottles:  Students are allowed to bring water bottles to class. Also, please remember that only plain water is allowed.

Team Teachers & Contact Information


Tom Donlon

Patricia Whitman

Team Leader

Laurie Marks

Craig Huntington

Mike Hetherington

Brigid Keenan

Karen Martin

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World Language

Social Studies


 Language Arts

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