6th Grade Language Arts

Hello! Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts! 

It is the goal of 6th Grade Language Arts to further develop the skills and knowledge that students have begun to establish in 5th grade. In 6th grade we cover a variety of topics: reading literature, writing, discussion and presentation, spelling, vocabulary acquisition, and grammar instruction. 

In regards to reading, this year we will be completing three or four class novels, a variety of short stories and some narrative poetry. Additionally, students are expected to be working toward reaching a goal of reading 10 independent books for the school year. There will be monthly check-ins to monitor their progress toward this goal. 

Students will also be crafting a variety of written pieces this year, including a personal narrative, a literary analysis essay, short research projects, a major argument project, and a comparative essay. Students will be provided rubrics for each of these assignments ahead of time so that they know what is expected of them and can work towards those goals. I also believe that the best way for me to teach students to write well is for them to do so when I'm actually around, therefore I give ample in-class writing workshop time so that I can provide students with guidance an instruction on the spot, as opposed to a later date. 

In addition, students will be expected to present many of their projects throughout the school year in order to develop their speaking skills as well as to their listening skills when they are in the audience. We also be conducting many class and small group discussions throughout the year based on the material we are reading so students need to be prepared for class at all times.

Language instruction is broken in to three areas in 6th grade: spelling, vocabulary acquisition, and grammar. We use the Sitton Spelling Program, modified to meet the actual needs of our students. In regards to vocabulary, we employ the Wordly Wise program which provides students not only with new vocabulary, but also helps them to learn and understand the relationships between words and the meanings of words. Finally, our grammar instruction is based largely on the needs of the students, although it is important that they know the basic parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives) so that we can delve deeper into more complex parts of speech as well as usage and punctuation issues.

Overall, Language Arts is a comprehensive subject and it is important that students stay on top of their assignments and due dates. All assignments and upcoming due dates will be posted on the Homework Calendar (see link above). Additionally, most assignments or reminders for assignments (as well as digital copies of notes from class and other helpful links) will be posted on Google Classroom (see link above).

Finally, I have included a few additional links and documents below. Please contact me if you have any further questions!

6th Grade Syllabus, pg.1 and pg. 2
Year-Long Pacing Guide (Subject to Change)
Common Core State Standards
Summer Letter and Shopping List