Horace W. Porter School

Seventh Grade Summer Reading Assignment


Dear Parents and Guardians of Incoming 7th Graders:

In order to provide the opportunity for continued growth and to prepare for the rigors of 7th Grade Language Arts, students are expected to read two books and complete all the assignments listed below. Your support of the summer reading program is critical for developing strong and independent readers. Next year, students will have a goal of reading 15 books throughout the year. These two summer books will be the start of their 15 book list.


→   Choose and read one book from the 2018 or 2019 Nutmeg Award Teen List. The lists are available in the binder at Saxton B. Little Library and online at either www.nutmegaward.org/teen or the link provided in the sidebar.

 →   Choose and read one other fiction book of at least 180 pages.


→   Book List: Students must track all their summer reading, including the two required books indicated above, on the attached sheet. A genre codes guide is included on the back. This sheet can also be found on the sidebar.

 →   Connections: Students must complete the Connections assignment comparing the two required books from above. This can be typed and attached or NEATLY handwritten. This can also be found on the sidebar.