Welcome to Technology Class!

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Hi there! My name is Mrs. Shive and I am very excited to be teaching 
Technology to Middle School this year! 
My goal as a Technology Educator is to help our students at Porter become responsible, 21st century technology users who become seekers of knowledge. It's very important that students also learn how to become good digital citizens. Being a good digital citizen is about learning Internet safety, security, etiquette and cyber bullying.
As a technology specialist, it is my goal to prepare students for the future. New advances in technology are constantly changing the way we work, play, interact, teach, and learn. It is my job to make sure that students have the knowledge, interest, and ability to function in a  technology dominated world. As in Art, students need to be creative problem  solvers, innovative thinkers, and be able to adapt to change.  We need to prepare students for a technology dominated future- a future where without this knowledge they may not be prepared to compete for future jobs. In summary, I will encourage students to actively participate in their education through the use of technology in the classroom at every available opportunity. When they leave my class I expect them to be savvy tech users and model digital citizens prepared to tackle any challenge they may experience as they go through life.