Horace W. Porter

Elementary Music

Welcome to the Elementary Music Web Site  
I am excited to share my musical knowledge and experience with the students at Horace Porter School. Here is a little information about my musical life. I was raised in a musical family. My Mother, was a violist and children's author.  My father, was a composer and organist.  I chose to play clarinet and won first place in five clarinet competitions including the International Clarinet Competition by age 16.   At age 19, I made my solo recital debut at Carnegie Hall. I have also recorded children's musicals and written musicals.  I decided to become a music teacher in order to share with others the joy I experienced in being a part of a musical family. I also wanted to share the excitement of my personal musical journey. I feel that music allows students to have a means of self expression. It also brings students together in larger musical groups which gives them valuable life lessons.  Students learn to work with others towards a common musical goal which often is a rewarding experience.   I am very fortunate to teach music to the students at Horace W. Porter School. I always look forward to working with the students.  Many thanks for supporting the music program.