Horace W. Porter


Tier 2 and Tier 3 math SRBI take place outside of the regular classroom.  A student is determined to be in need of these levels of math support in several ways.  District assessments (STAR Renaissance Math) are given school wide in October, March, and May.  Discussions with classroom teachers are ongoing and referrals are noted.  If the data shows that the student has significant weaknesses, individual diagnostic testing is done by SRBI teachers.  Meetings with administration take place in November, March, and June to review data and make placement decisions.  At this time students may need to begin pull out support (tier 2), increase pull out support (tier 3), or be exited from support services. 

Instructional materials consist of a combination of resources in text form or online, individualized to meet each students' needs. Math Recovery is utilized with Kindergarten and Grade One.  The main resource for Grades Two and up is FOCUS Math, which is an extension of the EnVision math program used in the classroom.  Other Common Core materials are utilized as well such as Common Core Support Coach for grades 7 and 8.