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This Friday, October 11th, 2019 is an early dismissal for students!

Coming up this week, October 7th through October 11th, 2019

In math we are finishing up three-digit addition, there will be a quiz after we have a day of review.  Then we will be moving into three-digit subtraction.  We will continue to work on learning how to round to the nearest ten and nearest hundred and adding three digit numbers.  There will be a spiral review that integrates previously learned material to ensure students are practicing, reviewing, and refining these math skills since we know that everyone learns at a different pace and new strategies are integrated over time.  

In reading, our focus is in building a reading community and learning how to record the books we're reading in our reading log and building stamina as a reader.  Our instruction will begin to focus on a few components of reading comprehension including character traits, summarizing what we have read, and looking at the ways authors show and don't explicitly tell. 

Our mentor text is Stone Fox for this reading unit.

In writing, we will be beginning a unit on narrative fiction.  This will include reading mentor texts and analyzing how authors use story elements to bring a work of writing to life.  We will use graphic organizers to help us break this down into smaller chunks as we delve further into our own writing process.  

For social studies we are utilizing the Scholastic News articles as a reference for our learning.  So far we have learned about a young girl who climbed MT. Kilimanjaro, and the Titanic, how it sank and the technology behind researching it today.  This week we will be learning about dolphins and how they help scientists along with an article on democracy!  The students are working on smaller writing pieces related to the articles they are reading, such as persuasive opinion pieces, close reading responses, and graphic organizers to find the main idea and supporting details.  

In science we finished up our first lessons on animal adaptations.  The students examined their own "fossil dig" of sorts to analyze animal traits and which animals lived during certain time periods and how the land changed over time, changing the types of animals found in the soil.  This week we are going to examine the traits of animal teeth to explore what diets they have and how we know!  

Related Arts Schedule: 
Technology 11:25-11:55 am
Gym 2:25-3:05 pm
Music 2:25-3:05 pm
Library 9:20-9:50 am
Gym 2:25- 3:05 pm
Art 2:25- 3:05pm
Spanish 2:25-3:05 pm