Columbia School District

Special Education and Student Services

Specialized Resource Room

We know what we are but know not what we may be.


Specialized Resource shares the goal of the Columbia School District to ensure that each child can excel as an individual and meet his or her full potential. Our Specialized Resource Room provides support for students in Grades K-8 with significant behavioral and emotional difficulties.

We are committed to maintaining positive and collaborative relationships with each student's parents/guardians and general education teachers, implement individualized behavior plans, and provide behavioral and academic support to help improve academic performance by providing a highly structured and positive learning environment. Our delivery model is based on student need and can take the form of consultation with general education teachers, co-teaching, or academic support in the general education classroom or special education resource room.

You are welcome and encouraged to contact us at any time at with questions and concerns or to schedule a meeting or phone conference. We will work together to help your child succeed!